BellaAtHome Professional Teeth Whitening System Review

I was looking for a teeth cleansing solution for me, when I got to know about Bella At Home I asked a doctor and she said it is safe to use. What I loved about using this is that I don’t have to worry about visiting dentist and beyond question, I saved my hard earned money. Me and my mom both loved this. Let’s discuss about this solution here…

Know this Formula…

This teeth whitening formula is created after intense research and the intention of creating this formula was to give you best dental service at comfort of your home ( as per the makers). I’ve researched a lot and I think this is best and the safest way to remove the yellow stains from teeth.

Bella At Home Ingredients

Well, they haven’t disclosed the complete list of all the ingredients but the main compound that is used in it is Carbamide peroxide solution. This is absolutely safe to use.

bellathomeWhat is there in the Kit?

  • A Whitening Gel
  • Custom full-arch application tray
  • A custom applicator

How Does Bella At Home Work?

This wipes out the yellow stains from your teeth so easily with the help of the gel and applicator. This also helps you improve your oral health.

Benefits are…

You get white and clean teeth
Improved gum health
No more stains on teeth
They say make you look younger ( i don’t know how)

When should one Expect Results?

If you are using it as directed then you’ll see results within 2-3 weeks according to the makers, but for some, it took more than a month to see visible changes, though I could see the difference within couple of days.

Why Buy this?

This formula is developed in highly advanced and certified labs with absolutely safe and tested compounds that are good for oral health. You won’t experience any harm.

My Experiencing with it…

Before sharing my experience with you, let me tell you that I’m a heavy smoker and black tea is my weakness (now you can imagine the condition). Many times my mom asked me to do something about them but I ignored it as many times as I could. I had yellow and kind of black lining on the back of my teeth and I noticed it after a long time. But as I started using this formula I noticed a good shine and a different smile on my face and it didn’t take much time.

Side Effects?

I’m happy, There were no side effects.

Where to Buy?

You can get one month supply of Bella At Home now; you can order the kit from the online store.